​​The Kinship Navigator Program (KNP)
The purpose of Kinship Navigator Program is to keep children out of the formal foster care system and offer resources and support to relatives who accept the child's placement within their home.

Providing caregivers with information, education, and referrals to a wide range of services and supports. The goal is to maximize the caregivers’ ability to provide safety and stability and, if needed, permanency for the child(ren) placed in their home.

Upon meeting eligibility criteria, KNP may offer short-term assistance for a variety of issues that could jeopardize the family’s ability to safely maintain the children in the home.  These critical needs most often include emergent utility assistance, rental assistance or deposits, clothing, school, or educational supplies, and transportation assistance for caregiver or children’s appointments, 

Referrals are received from Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Families in Need of Services (FINS) through the Office of Juvenile Justice Services, kinship organizations, families within the community and other organizations to assist families with relative children in their care. 

ETC's Family Resource Center
A child abuse/neglect awareness and prevention program providing assessments, referrals, parenting education services and resources to families for Region VI -- Allen, Beauregard, Cameron, Calcasieu and Jeff Davis parishes. The services and programs provided are designed to ensure the safety of children, improve family functioning, and preserve the family unit, and are free of charge for participants.


Parenting Education Services
Kinship Navigator Program
Parent Partner Mentor Program
My Community Cares Program
Child Passenger Safety Seat Checks
Alternate Family Visitation Venue


Funded by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, Child Welfare Family Services

For additional information about programs and services, please contact

Sheila Liechty, ETC Family Resource Center Administrator at 337-433-1062 or sheila@etc-youth.org  



Parent Partner Mentor Program
The Parent Partner Mentor Program is a unique approach to empowering and engaging biological parents to work more effectively with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and the child welfare system. A Parent Partner Mentor is someone who has previously been involved with DCFS due to child abuse or neglect and has successfully resolved those issues. Offering encouragement, advocating for, and fostering cooperation between the family and their DCFS caseworker(s) are the main objectives. 


Alternate visitation venue for families involved with LA Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and are required to participate in supervised visits with their children as a part of their case plan for reunification.

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians conduct car seat checks and safety education for the general public. These events are held throughout the year and across the state -- dates, times, and locations vary.

Parenting Education services are provided through in-person and online workshops, and/or in-home sessions, to accommodate participants with various work/home schedules. 

Nurturing Parenting Program:
Intensive 16-lesson program of parent education including regular observations of parent-child bonding, interactions, and demonstrated use of skills learned with child(ren). 

Strengthening Families Program:

Multi-family education/support provided in-home through 8 lessons focusing on appropriate discipline, communication, substance abuse awareness, and positive coping skills for families with school age children.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI):

An attachment-based, trauma-informed behavioral intervention system designed to meet the complex physical and emotional needs of vulnerable children. 

CLASS INFORMATION: In person or virtual, Thursdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm 

Power of Positive Parenting (Triple P):

A parenting curriculum that offers simple and practical strategies to help parents build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children's behavior, and prevent problematic behavior. 

CLASS INFORMATION: In person or virtual, Mondays from 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Family Skills Building:

Education, training, and resources designed to meet the particular needs of each family, in both duration of services and issues to be addressed, building upon the existing strengths of the family.

CLASS INFORMATION: In person or virtual, Mondays from 10am – 12pm
Thursdays from 6pm – 8pm


3007 Enterprise Blvd
Mount Olive Baptist Church, Eagle's Nest, Suites G & H

This program operates through neighborhood outreach events by building rapport with local residents and bringing awareness to available community programs and services. MCC staff offer assistance with applying for and accessing resources that help strengthen families and avoid involvement with the child welfare system. Short-term case management is available for families needing additional support. ​